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   SAVINGS - Risk Mitigation

   SELECTION - Customization

   SATISFACTION - Member Experience




based on expertise, experience, and constant dedication.

At Trinity Captive Group, we partner with innovative organizations to create a reinsurance company that provides superior benefits to its members, while at the same time reducing the overall costs.  Today and in the future, organizations need to expect more from their insurance program.  It is imperative to take a proactive role.  Your employees need a program that can work in today's realities and tomorrow's uncertainties.  Trinity Captive Group understands this and is why we offer all-in-one package of innovative and customizable solutions that improves your bottom line and your employees' healthcare experiences.


Our Mission

Helping members achieve the balance between employee satisfaction and controlling healthcare costs.  Trinity Captive Group provides the:  Financial Structure / Plan Design & Administration / Cost Containment Strategies / Cost Transparency and Data Analytics.
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