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We bring true value to your healthcare benefits program.


  • Increase Member Satisfaction.

  • Reduce Cost.

Providing employee health and welfare benefits today involves complex issues.  Decisions you make will impact your company's future and affect people's lives.  Trinity Captive Group is here to help make those positive changes.

Trinity Captive Group is transforming the health insurance industry by creating a self-funded captive program utilizing proven partners to reduce overall plan costs, while at the same time providing better benefits to your employees.  We have partnered with best-in-class service providers to help your company provide proven solutions to improve the bottom line, while at the same time providing superior benefits to your employees.

Employee Benefits can be viewed as an overwhelming 

complex process.  Let Trinity Captive Group simplify this for you and your employees.

Trinity Captive Group is recognized as an industry leader in employee health and welfare benefits.  We have a proven track record of providing employee satisfaction towards their benefits program, as well as providing financial success to each employer.  Trinity Captive Group has earned a reputation in the industry of having unquestionable integrity and an unmatched focus on customer service.

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