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Trinity Captive Group offers all-in-one package of innovative and customizable health benefits solutions to proactively control and mange medical and pharmacy

spend on your behalf.  Trinity Captive Group partners with the best in class providers of reinsurance, medical, and prescription services to deliver most affordable and sustainable healthcare.  We bring in the latest and innovative technology to drive lower costs through data analytics and utilization management across medical and prescription services.  We are here to improve your bottom line and your employees' healthcare experience.

Innovation in Healthcare Benefits

Our Offering

Trinity Captive Group offers the best combination of service, value, quality, and innovation.  We have the tools and resources to provide proactive solutions that will assist you with making educated decisions, with known outcomes, and Employee Satisfaction.

Checking Blood Pressure

Trinity Captive Group offers you access to a captive with like-minded employers to self-fund as a group.  We carefully select and pair you with other high-performing groups with similar risk profiles to reduce the volatility.  It is the captive's goal to protect the health and safety of its members 

and to ensure the continuity and affordability of your healthcare benefits.

Captive Solution 

Team work

TPA Solution 

Trinity Captive Group TPA solution is designed to improve the outcomes, provide enhanced member experience while lowering costs through optimized member utilization.  We deliver tailored plan designs to provide member access to high quality care including customized care management

programs such as case, disease and maternity management.  We provide additional member services to simplify a complex healthcare space and help our members use their benefits effectively and responsibly.

Working Together

Medical Network

Trinity Captive Group takes into consideration your individual needs, and allows each organization to select the provider network that matches your specific needs based  on quality of care, convenience, continuity of care and access, while achieving the deepest discounts.

Medical Team

Stop Loss

Trinity Captive Group offers a tailored Stop Loss coverage to meet your specialized needs and to mitigate potential claim risks.  We leverage years of experience in risk management combined with excellence in operational performance to deliver successful cost containment practices and protect your financial well-being.

Focused Office Workers

Competitive and Transparent PBM Contract

Trinity Captive Group's goal is to deliver highest levels of care for your members while managing costs.  Our PBM product is designed to ensure 

full contract transparency and high performance based on competitive rates, full audit rights and annual market checks.  At its core is the drug formularies designed to achieve the lowest cost clinically-appropriate therapy.  We are here to make sure that your members receive the medications they need, at the right time and the right price. 

Financial Advisor

Innovative Technology 

Trinity Captive Group leverages the power of technology to identify savings opportunities.  Through integrating medical and pharmacy claims data and using artificial intelligence, we identify suboptimal utilization of specialty and traditional

medications across medical and pharmacy channels and proactively address those issues through real-time clinical and formulary interventions.  We also review and adjust utilization management protocols based on identified fraudulent activity.

Financial Report

utilization within your member population utilizing integrated pharmacy and medical claims data.

Specialty Drug Management 

Trinity Captive Group proactively manages specialty drugs through customized clinical programs and formulary management strategies to maximize outcomes.  We use technology to precisely identify suboptimal specialty drug

Blood Test

Trinity Captive Group works with your leadership and human resources staff to educate your members on better and more responsible ways to use healthcare

Employee Behavior Modification

leading to member behavior changes, improvements of health, increase in member satisfaction, and reduction in costs.  We bring a portfolio of best practices to address your specific risks and to improve your member experience and the bottom line.

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